Help Change The World

You can change the world! Sit down and close your eyes. Imagine the course of your life being decided by events beyond your control. Within the first thousand days of your existence, your potential has been shaped by the situation you have been born into. Insufficient nutrition at a young age scars a person for life. They fare worse at school and later in their jobs, are far more likely to fall sick and as a cruel consequence, their children are likely to suffer a similar fate. Can we combat this? Of course we can! Join our biking event!

If we are to eradicate hunger completely we have to keep the pressure on our leaders to continue to tackle these problems. We have to look beyond what has been done before and use new, innovative approaches to tackle these issues. Everyone needs to know about this cause. You can help me by sharing this post, telling you family and friends about the goals and why they matter! Learn what you can do to help fight world hunger. Bike with us!!

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