How to avoid getting your motorcycle stolen


Owning a cool chopper, a fast bike or the latest model of Harley Davidson could be a dream for many, but looking after such a beast could prove a difficult task. Apart from investing in original or high-quality replacements and taking the bike to the shop every now and then, you also need to stay vigilant.

Bike theft is a common crime in many areas of this world, and there isn’t much the police forces can go. Therefore, we suggest you look after your own goods and consider these tips to prevent your bike from being stolen.


Don’t leave it in the open

As simple as it may sound, the easiest way to look after your precious bike is to keep away from the curious eyes. Hide it in the garage or, if your house doesn’t have one, at least keep it inside your yard, locked. In case you live in an apartment building, it would be best to have it parked in the parking lot.

Often enough, the newest buildings come with their private parking underground which is usually secured with cameras or guards during the night.

A metal garage storage would also be an excellent choice for those who don’t want to pay big money for a parking spot or don’t afford to build their own garage.

These small storage units usually come prebuilt and can be placed in your backyard for maximum security or even in front of a building. They aren’t large enough to keep your car inside but are perfect for sheltering your bike, motorbike, and other personal things.


Bike locks and chains

Another way to protect your bike from thieves is to buy high-quality locks and chains, preferably the most expensive ones you can afford. They may not be very cheap, but they are secure enough to help you enjoy a good night’s sleep, without worrying about your bike being stolen.

It would be best to do your research before buying any object and see what the market can offer you. Keep in mind that the most expensive options are not necessarily the best ones for your bike. We suggest you check specialized stores and online forums or ask the opinion of a specialist so you’re able to choose the right lock and chains for your bike.

Bike alarms

Just like cars, motorcycles and bikes can also be equipped with alarms. These are more expensive but are worthy of your attention if you happen to drive an expensive vehicle.

The flashing red warning light will keep most of the thieves away from your ride because alarmed bikes are harder to steal. Some vehicles have factory pre-installed alarms, but you could purchase an additional one to be sure. And, if everything else fails, insure your bike against thieves.