Nighttime Motorcycle Riding Tips

Riding your motorcycle at night is an entirely different experience. Some enjoy the solitude and the quietness of the roads while others can’t seem to focus too much. But, whether you enjoy long rides or short trips, one thing is for sure – you should try and ride it in the nighttime at least once. And, in order to be prepared for your trip and stay safe, here are some tips you should consider.



The roads at night might not be as safe as you thought because there are hazards you must keep an eye on. You will most likely come across drunk or tipsy drivers that might jeopardize your life and theirs if you don’t pay attention.

Don’t forget to report any unusual or suspicious activity on the streets to the authorities. If you see a drunk driver, try and convince him/her to pull over only if you are riding side by side. You probably shouldn’t engage in conversations since drunk drivers can be aggressive. However, if you are more preoccupied about your safety, avoid the driver by all means.

Other hazards you can come across include potholes and animals on the road. Pay attention to the drivers in front of you and notice if there are any signs of bouncing up and down as this may indicate a bumpy road in front of you.


Have a reliable helmet visor

Different lighting conditions require different visors for your helmet, so you should purchase one that is destined to be used in the nighttime. A clear visor is an excellent choice because it will help you see everything in front of you without distorting any color.

Don’t forget to keep your visor free of dead bugs, scratches, and smudges. We recommend to carefully clean it before every ride (you can use a regular microfiber cloth).

Use special night glasses

If you’re not a fan of a full face helmet you might consider purchasing a pair of night riding glasses. These often come with yellow-tinted lenses that won’t reflect lighting coming from other cars or the roads, helping you focus better and avoid getting distracted.


Watch your speed

Various factors can influence your night driving skills, no matter how many years you have on the saddle. Thus, we strongly advise you to lower your speed and be careful of the road ahead of you. It’s not worth risking your life, especially in order to get a few minutes earlier to your destination.


You also shouldn’t ride if you have been drinking or you’re tired. It is best to pull over, take a nap or ask someone else to give you a lift. Your safety should always be your number one concern.