Should You Start A Charity?


So are you motivated by a sense of outrage about a social injustice in the world? Do you feel grateful to be more fortunate than some others, or do you perhaps identify with the intended beneficiaries, have a feeling of ‘that person could have been me’? Have you been through a bereavement and want to do something in memory of a loved one? Are you at a stage where you do not spend all your time supporting yourself and your family? Or do you want to give something back to your community?
Just as dogs are for life and not just for Christmas, early consideration should be given to an organisation’s long term sustainability and its viability when you are no longer the driving force behind it. Harsh as it sounds, organisations that are overly dependent on a founder are vulnerable and may not be sustainable. At an early stage responsible founders should give thought to who will succeed them.
Ask yourself some questions about how and why you want to start a charity:
is the aim to benefit one individual, a family, or a large group?
is your interest in a cause greater than the need?
will a project fill a genuine gap in charitable provision or are you duplicating a service that exists?


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